Coconut & Dark Chocolate Oatmeal Cookies Recipe


Half term is approaching.  Parents all over the land are panicking about how they will juggle all the complexities of the school holidays - work, rest, play, childcare, sanity etc.  I'm taking most of the next couple of weeks off to hang with my boy, take a few day trips and catch up with friends. I don't know if you have attempted much baking with your kiddos but Levi is a proper baking fan.  He loves to mix, beat, crack, dollop - wanting to be involved in every step of the process.  It's our go-to activity when we feel cooped up and bored because the end result is, well, eating.

If you are finding yourself a little stir crazy (PUN ALERT!) these Easter holidays and you want to get your bake on with the kiddos, this recipe is a good one to get started with to kill some time, reconnect AND you will end up with the most deliciously moreish cookies.

Coconut & Dark Chocolate

coconut dark chocolate oatmeal cookies

I have no idea where I came across this recipe but the other week my friend Charlotte produced a big tub of these cookies on our park coffee date. I made inappropriate yummy-groany noises as I tasted them and begged her for the recipe.  She then proceeded to remind me that it was my recipe and she got it from me a few months ago.  Clearly baby brain is a thing four years on.

DSC_3506Ingredients (Makes 2 Dozen Cookies)

+ 175 grams Porridge Oats

+ 175 grams Plain Flour

+  1 tsp Baking Soda

+ 1/4 tsp Salt

+  170 grams Coconut Oil (melted)

+  128 grams Dark Brown Sugar

+  1 Large Egg

+ 2 tsp Vanilla Extract

+  100 grams Desiccated/Shredded Coconut

+  100 grams Dark Chocolate (chopped)

+  2 tsp Milk


+  Preheat oven to 180 degrees C

+  Mix together oats, flour, baking soda & salt

+  Beat together coconut oil & brown sugar until smooth (using electric beater)

+  Add egg, milk and vanilla into coconut oil/sugar mixture (2 mins until smooth)

+  Combine with dry ingredients & mix until well combined

+  Gradually add in coconut and chopped chocolate

+  Drop dough into little mounds on an ungreased cookie sheet

+  Bake for 9-12 mins - keep an eye that you don't over bake!

Finally...DEVOUR!  24 of these bad boys last about 24 hours in our house (hey, there's coconut oil and oats in there - it's basically clean eating!).

DSC_3508 DSC_3511Happy half term lovely people!