Fun & Creative Big Boy Bedroom

A few months ago we decided to shift things about and moved Levi from the little box room to a bigger space.  It felt a bit strange that he was in a tiny space and we had a couple of spare bedrooms reserved for occasional guests to stay in that were much bigger. He's a growing boy.  Not a toddler; a fully fledged boy-person, and we wanted to make some space for him to be able to enjoy playing in his room and to have his cousins and other wee friends stay over (dread).  We moved his single bed into the bigger room as well as a double bed and it's been working so well.  He LOVES his new room and can happily hang out there by himself or with his pals and play away 'til his heart is content. room is at the back of the house, overlooking all the gardens in our row and the rugby pitches behind that.  He can see trains zooming past and I'm actually quite jealous of his new digs. It's much quieter back there than the roadside room he was in before (let's be honest, we were hoping that moving him to the quiet side of the house might entice him to sleep a little longer - no such luck). have had so much fun moving this little guy into his new room and making it special for him, so I wanted to show you a few snaps of the new space.

Fun & Creative Big Boy Bedroom apple crateAs you've probably seen, most of the bits and pieces in our house are things we've found on Gumtree or charity shops, including a lot of the trinkets and toys in Levi's room like the globes, the vintage boat, crocheted blankets, wooden toys and books.  We also got some old apple crates from a farmer to keep toys in.  We invested in a few bits of furniture like some sturdy Ikea drawers (Sturdy? Ikea? Yes!) when he was born and they've been plenty of storage for his clothes so far.  All the beds in our house are from my father-in-laws furniture shop, Antigua Furnishing and we LOVE them. We just wish we could be in them all the live-long day and night (d'ya hear that Levi?).'m really happy we decided to keep another bigger bed in his room too.  It's become the spot where the three of us snuggle down at bedtime and read stories (PSA: 3.5 is the age that kids totally know when you are skipping pages and paraphrasing, JUST so you know).  Aside from reading books, Levi and Dave have also declared the double bed as 'The Wrestling Bed' and it's also great for us to use during those unsettled nights when he needs a little comfort and company to go over to sleep. stuff we have framed or hung on the walls are mainly from independent illustrators/artists and designers as well as a bunch of handmade gifts (like that awesome fabric height chart my friend Laura made us when I was pregnant) and things Levi and I have made together. There are so many amazing artists and designers on the net to chose from but I specifically looked for some that weren’t too stereotypically boyish etc.

I don't know about you, but I have always had this thought that if you fill a kids room with fun stuff they'll be a nightmare going to bed, wanting to play all the time and not seeing their bedroom as a place for sleeping.  How do you make a space peaceful and fun and exciting and comfortable and sleep inducing?... I may have overthought it.

Levi has a playroom in our basement where we shove most of his plastic play stuff and he loves going down there with his pals, but I have such good memories of my bedroom being my little haven for playing and pretending and I really want him to have that experience too.  Am I over-thinking it?! I sound like I'm over-thinking it.  I'm definitely over-thinking it.Play Farm StoreGah!  We got this awesome Farm Store set from DotCom Gift Shop and set it up in Levi's room.  He flipping LOVES it!  He already had a bunch of pretend food so I gave him some baskets and shopping bags and he has been playing 'Shopkeeper' non-stop.  Man, I loved playing shopkeeper when I was a kid.  I was obsessed with tills and checkouts and giving people receipts. Anyone else use the cutlery drawer as a till?  No?  Just me.... Farm ShopThe whole farm stall set is pretty big in terms of height (would be suitable for kids up to 10 years, I reckon), is really sturdy and comes flat packed (really easily assembled). I love that it has a proper cute modern vintage vibe about it and is so beautifully illustrated on every side.  I also love that the whole thing can be taken down and moved around easily, is made from sustainable resources and is completely recyclable & biodegradable!wooden chalk signI made the 'Let's Play' sign out of a random plank of wood that was left in our house by the previous owners by just spraying it with blackboard paint and the origami lights that are hanging above it I blogged about here!Levi Farm StoreSo there you go - a big boy room for a rascal.  I'd love to hear your thoughts & your top tips for making a fun kids room!

All images by the fabulous Fraser Stewart Photography

* this is a collaborative post.