Refresh This Mess - METHOD GIVEAWAY!

I have noticed that since I started reading up on eco issues, particularly the chemicals we put into our environment and onto our bodies, that I have become really quite sensitive to them.  Since we eliminated so much of this stuff from our house and hygiene products, I've found myself reacting to non-eco products way more. If you've been reading here for a while, you'll know that whilst I am not a massive fan of cleaning  I AM a massive fan of Method.  Simple, beautifully-smelling, non-toxic cleaning products that I feel really safe with using around my home.

I also really love a good smelling home - it's settling, it's welcoming and let's face it - I live with two boys - it's important and it's only going to get worse, I hear.  I hadn't been able to source any kind of air freshener that gave the house that instant refresh smell without making me feel like I was inhaling chemicals so I'm well excited that Method has recently launched their fab new aircare range in the UK and they sent me some of the scents to try.  HEAVEN'S ABOVE!  They are a dream.  The 'Sweet Tangerine' is my favourite so far - juicy and perfect for the ringing in of Spring!  I actually had to hold back from dousing myself in it.  It lingers just enough to make your space feel that bit more alive, but isn't overpowering.  The best of it is that there are no nasties, so you can spritz all you like without worrying about what you're inhaling.

Method Aircare DSC_3461

We've been chatting - Method and I - about how fun it would be to let you try these bad boys for yourself, so you can see how lovely they are and we've come up with a plan.  A plan that requires a little honesty.  A little honesty that we could all do with...

Now, I'll be the first to admit that it's hard to be completely transparent online - it's hard to engage in a way that gives the full picture of your life in one snapshot, 140 characters or a status.  I will also be first to admit that I mostly only post pictures of the good stuff, the pretty stuff, the stuff that is interesting  - I'll spend time getting the right lighting, filter & crop - but it's usually far from the reality - and sometimes, that's OK.  Nobody wants to see my weetabix crusted kitchen table, my handprint smeared windows or the pile of washing I can't bring myself to put away (OR DO YOU?).  I think we can all be grown up enough to understand that the full picture isn't always appealing, and that it's fine to like to take nice pictures and like nice pictures of peoples lives with the understanding that they are just pictures, not the full picture.

But it's ALSO nice to feel like we're all normal humans with our own messes going on sometimes, right?  There's solidarity in that, and we need to keep the internet humble - remind it that we are blemished and disorganised and uncoordinated.

So with that sentiment in mind - here is the challenge, the plan...

We are going to give away all 4 fragrances of Method's new Aircare range PLUS some brilliant coupons for more Method products to one lucky person.  All you have to do is be honest:

+  Show us your reality - the place in your home that you desperately need to refresh.  Get really real with us.  Show us the messiest, most unorganised, non-pinterestified area of your home by posting a picture of it on instagram and hashtag it #refreshthismess!

+  Follow @method_uk on Instagram & tag them and me @melwiggins in your pic! Simple!

You have until 12pm on Monday the 16th of March to post your picture and play along!

I'll go first on here just to get things filters, no staging, no cropping (no judgement) - here goes!

DSC_3443Just some dishes that may or may not have been 'soaking' for 24 hours +

DSC_3476Nope, not alcoholics or bottle collectors - just really lazy people that let months worth of bottles and jars pile up in our laundry room before we take them to the recycling plant.

DSC_3479Levi's playroom.  Where plastic goes to die.

YOUR TURN!  Don't leave me hanging - get onto instagram and show us your mess!