DIY Hanging Mobile

Just popping in to show you an easy peasy little DIY I put together yesterday. Levi is at a really creative, imaginative stage in his development at the minute - even his teachers have commented on how much he loves to make things at Nursery; spending ages on crafts and colouring.  It's pretty great because now we can head up to the craft room together at home and I can give him some odds and ends to stick, colour and string together and he freely works away at it.  DOUBLE bonus is that this now effectively means I can get on with a few crafty things for myself instead of spending the whole time prying his hands off permanent markers and glitter *shudder*.

So yesterday, as he was making necklaces and stamping a jungle scene on some old rolls of wallpaper, I had a little play at making a mobile - it was surprisingly easy and I really like how it turned out!

THE PARTY (1)Most of the stuff I gathered for it were odds and ends that I have had sitting around for a while - it's an improvised craft (they all are with me), so feel free not to see this as an exhaustive list of materials, but some suggestions from findings in the depths of my craft storage.

DSC_3277My materials:

+  small embroidery hoop

+  various sized wooden beads

+  scraps of gold beads from an old necklace that was pulled off my neck by a boisterous threenager

+  white chalk pen

+  curtain rings

+  yarn

+  thin jewellery wire

Making the hanging bits is the best - use your imagination - tie a knot in the bottom of the thin jewellery wire and find random bits and pieces that would look pretty threaded through or attached - layer things up - use different textures and shapes.

I went for a natural/white/earthy vibe, making small designs on some of the plain beads with my chalk pen and threading through all my bits, tying yarn to the ends and in random places.

DSC_3305 DIY Hanging MobileTo hang your wire, loosen the inner hoop out just a bit and slide a good amount of the top of your wire through the gap - this will keep it slightly in place with room to move it around as you adjust the spacing of each hanging bit to your liking around the sides of the hoop (I only had 4 hanging bits so it was easy to spread them out, but you could go for more).  Once you are happy with the spacing, secure the inner hoop back in properly and gather the tops of your wire together and secure them as one.  You could just hang it as is, but I wanted a bit more hang so I made a long braid out of yarn and secured it to the wire.

DIY Hanging MobileDIY Hanging MobileWhat do you think?DIY Hanging Mobile