Fresh Finds Friday!

Fresh Finds Friday is back!  After a long and unnecessary hiatus, I have decided to bring back some Friday link love to sweep us merrily into the weekend! Fresh Finds Friday

+ My bud Ben of Angel & Anchor is opening an online store soon to sell some of his art & design work - it's shaping up really nicely & we are loving his American Office characters prints!  LOOK! It's Dwight!

Office+Print-2+  Have you been watching 'Catastrophe' on Channel 4?  It's our new fav and it's on at 10pm on Monday nights.  Sharp, honest, sweet, witty (and a bit crass, sorry mum) - take my word for it, it's a winner.  You can catch up here!

+  Since we moved Levi into his bigger room, we have been on the look out for some curtains for his big window.  Now that the nights are getting a bit lighter (yay), we knew we would need some reinforcement to keep the room dark in the evenings.  After a lot of searching and toying with the idea of making them myself (was never going to happen), we found these and I LOVE THEM.

+  It's lent.  This time last year I embarked on my 'Wear Your Wardrobe' Challenge - didn't buy clothes for 40 days and it was challenging and important and changed the way I shop.  I came across this video & article on the BBC this week that shows where our clothes end up when we donate them to charity.  I'm still not sure how great it is that most of our unwanted clothes end up in developing countries, but this article has some good points about the benefits.

+  Finally, I came across these beautiful prints lately and have had to hold myself back from buying just about all of them!  I did get this one though...

strength and dignityI'm chopping my hair this weekend (which sounds dramatic, but will probably look the same) and we've got some parties and celebrations ahead with friends and family!  Have a good one, wherever you are!