New Reads

I've been really on the look out for some books for Levi that explain more about what I do as a job.  Telling a 3.5 year old that you advocate/campaign/train on issues of exploitation isn't probably the easiest dialog for them to get their heads around.  Lucy pointed out the gorgeous A is for Activist book last year and I did get it (and LOVE it) but it's still a little hard to unpick with Levi (I think when I got to 'T is for Transgender' I realised I was a little out of my depth) so I had another look and found this great illustrated book by Amnesty International. We Are All Born Free

Amnesty International Amnesty BookIt's a beautiful illustrated picture book that goes through all of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in a really accessible way for kids to grasp.  It also features illustrations from some world renown artists such as Polly Dunbar and Axel Scheffler (The Gruffalo).

DSC_3246 DSC_3249 DSC_3253Levi does love it and it's a great conversation starter that seems to be right at his level (and one that I am not squirming around the age-appropriateness of too much).

If you haven't already, and you still love to get your mitts on real life, touch and feel books - I would really reccomend checking out Wordery.  It's a good alternative to Amazon (who are ethically questionable) and seems to have a really good variety and availability.

Next up, is the BEAUTIFUL, brand new mag of this my motherland - Freckle, Northern Ireland.Freckle Northern Ireland

I think many of us have been waiting for a magazine like this to come out of our wee country for quite some time.  I bought it for Dave for Valentines Day because I had spied it in the works a while ago and knew it would be just up his street (and also that I would benefit from this gift as well).

Freckle is a celebration of Northern Ireland (can I get an amen?).  It got a lot of support from a crowdfunding campaign to make it actually happen (another reason to love it - that collaborative, invested spirit). I love the positivity, the championing of the good and the tenderness of how life is portrayed here.  The photography is just stunning - ethereal and earthy as is the quality of the paper it's printed on.  It is so refreshing to see our landscape captured and adored on the pages.

DSC_3265 DSC_3267There is  no shortage of interesting content - from features on the organic growing movement here to poetry, quotes from Irish heritage and interviews with artists, entrepreneurs and makers.  I just know there is enough quality content here in NI to keep Freckle going for a long time.  Freckle Magazine  Long live Freckle! (you can & should grab one here)

What are you reading this weather?