Parenthood Unplugged

PARENTHOOD UNPLUGGEDI love the forum of blogging to share a little bit about life round here.  Parenting and motherhood are common threads for me; a way to unload a bit of the struggle, the joys, the rollercoaster that comes with the journey.  From gender stereotyping our kids, to sending them off to school for the first time - it's therapeutic for me to share these experiences and points of view with others on here, to get their feedback and feel less alone. It occurred to me that I have a whole host of amazing parents around me, within my circle of friends - both online and here present - that I am encouraged, inspired and learning from daily and so I've reached out to some of them to share a little about their own adventure in a bid to show some of the variety of how parenting is experienced.

'Parenthood Unplugged' will be a somewhat regular feature and a celebration of these people; their stories and experiences of parenting in a host of different settings.  I hope that by sharing them here in this platform it will bring inspiration and solidarity as we navigate the great unknown of parenthood.  It won't be a 'how-to' or an offering of advice, it will simply be a place to read, listen and absorb some of the reality of parenting from the perspective of people that are doing things a little bit differently.

We are all doing our best, afterall.  We are all  daily trying to make decisions and choices that do right by our families.  There are so many aspects of parenting that have surprised me so far - challenged me to my core, but I love how it is changing me.  It can be painful, but it is sharpening me, making me think more, giving me a chance to really understand how to care for another person from the very beginning.  What a crazy, overwhelming privilege.

Levi Room

The first instalment of 'Parenthood Unplugged' is coming your way this week, featuring my incredible friend from here in NI who is living and raising her family in East Africa and I'm really excited about it.   Check back throughout the week to read her account of bringing up kiddos in a culture far from home.