DIY Galentines Day Soap Gift

  DIY GALENTINES DAY SOAP GIFTFebruary 13th, gal pals.  Mark it down, set a reminder & hail the town crier.  February 13th is officially 'Galentines Day'.  And by official, I mean I learned about it watching Parks & Recreation and if Leslie Knope declares it a real thing, then who am I to argue?  If you do not believe me, believe Wikipedia (source of all truth and facts).

For real though, when Amy Pohler's character on Parks & Rec gathered her friends for brunch on the 13th of Feb and declared it Galentines Day, I thought I might burst.  Any excuse to celebrate the sisterhood and I'm in.  If that celebration happens to involve waffles and midday cocktails then try and stop me.

In honour of Galentines Day coming up, I thought I'd make some little gifts for the special sisters in my life.  They are the fellow mamas, the not-yet-mamas, the wild ones, the thoughtful ones, the-responders-of-ridiculous-whatsapp-messages-at-stupid-o'clock-ones, the girls I feel like family with ones, let my worries out to ones and the eat myself silly in front of ones.

It's a simple gift, really:  pretty, earthy personal soap, full of organic, moisturising ingredients.

DSC_3012 DSC_3017I started with an amazing Shea Butter & Oatmeal base from Stephensons.  I never really knew how easy it was to make my own soaps until I started using their stuff - they have become world famous for their crystal melt & pour soaps - which is really as easy as it sounds!  

>  Cut it into cubes

>  Melt in 10 second intervals in the microwave (depending on how much you are melting at a time)

>  Add whatever other botanicals, fragrances or oils you want & pour it into whatever mould you are using!mouldsI got these moulds on eBay for a song and they were perfect & added some dried lavender to the mix before pouring.

I wanted to plant the first letters of each of my 'Galentines' names on a sturdier slab of soap so they could really get good use out of it so I left some mix au natural, only adding a few drops of Vitamin E oil (for extra luxury) and poured it into a loaf tin.  Once it set, I popped it out and used a crinkle cutter to slice it up into smaller pieces.

DSC_3050 DSC_3051I then used a little bit of water to set the letters & hearts on them and they were done!

DSC_3061 DSC_3073DSC_3074Aren't they sweet?! I'm thinking of hosting Galentines Day brunch at my house this year to kick off the traditions - who's with me?!

* Stephensons kindly provided me with the soap base for this DIY but all opinions & words are my own.