Ethical Fashion // January Sales Edit

Oh January, you are a tight one.  How we long for the somewhat more financially frivolous months as you take forever to come to an end.  I reckon we are probably not the only family in the UK willing pay-day to come sooner but it's kind of a drag this month eh?  Not allowing myself to buy stuff - using what's in the cupboards & freezer - avoiding even the charity shops at this stage.  As Dave frequently and casually reminds me "It's not a bargain unless you need it".  A wise (and annoying) chap I married.


I did, however, harmlessly take a peek online (this generations window shopping) to see what some of my favourite ethical fashion brands were up to and thanks to the lure of the sales *cue flashing red signs on the homepage that draw you in with a quick click like a MUG* here I am putting together a little collage of some lovely little bits that I've come across.


Ethical Fashion // Sales Edit January


1/ Red & Grey Cracked Pattern Jumper // Oxfam Online // £19.50  (Cozy essential)
2/ Made Hammered Disc Necklace // ASOS Green Room // £25 (Been eying up something like this for a while)
3/ Claudia Animal Print Dress // People Tree // £26 (Because everyone needs a splash of leopard in their wardrobe)
4/ Liza Top // People Tree // £21 (For going out with the girls)
5/ Cuffed Tapered Drawstring Legging // M&S // £10.99 (Two words - SCHOOL. RUN.)
What do you think of these picks?  Have you scored any good charity shop/ethical clothing bargains so far this year?