Bathroom Reno


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We are in the initial stages of gutting our bathroom.  It's a tad overwhelming.  Being first-time homeowners, we've never had to do anything other than cosmetics to a house so this task feels a little daunting.

I've been scouring various bathroom places on my mornings off, sitting at night looking through brochures and pinterest and speaking to fitters to gauge what the first steps are.

The bathroom we have is top-to-tail in tiles.  Tiles on the floor and every single wall in the room.  TILES EVERYWHERE.  Having to clean a bathroom that has so much tiling has definitely put me off the idea of it going forward.  We are toying with the idea of vinyl tiles on the floors.  I love the encaustic look (something neutral that we won't get sick of in 5 years) but it's tres expensive, and ceramic tiles can be cold.  Vinyl tiles are easier to clean, softer on foot, less expensive and easier to change if needs be.  Does anyone have any experience with vinyl in a bathroom?  I know it's a bit old-school but I'd love to hear your pros and cons if you do.

I love the idea of an L-shaped bath - mainly because we don't want to put in a separate shower (more stuff to clean.  Are you sensing a theme?), so having the L-shape gives us a little more room for showering in the tub.  We are considering only tiling in the bath/shower area (probably a basic metro/subway tile with grey grout) but would also consider good quality PVC cladding (again, so easy to clean) in a really clean crisp colour.  How ancient do I feel having 'ease of cleaning' as one of my top criteria for making house decisions?!  I just hate it so much.

We are hoping to have a simple vanity unit made to fit an undersunk sink with some hard-wearing marble or granite encasing it. I'd like to use the same marble/granite material lined up on the wall as a backsplash for the sink as well.  I love the idea of the sink area being much more functional as a unit including storage rather than just a sink.

In terms of accents, I am really drawn to simple, earthy tones with beige, grey and navy with lots of plants and an airy feel.  I spied those lovely crackled knobs in B&Q and we already have a bunch of the towels I've shown above - as well as some of these Nate Berkus towels that I picked up in Target when we were in the States over Christmas.

So, all thoughts & advice is totally welcome - have you done a bathroom reno before?  What are your top tips, regrets or best decisions?