New on the sidebar...

Good Monday to you! We had a lovely weekend of relaxing, swimming, seeing friends and munching at St. Georges Market - it is really the only place to be on a Sunday for brunch.  Weekends go so flipping fast, eh? And to top it all, I think Levi is getting ANOTHER cough.  One week back in the pit of germs that is Nursery School and he's starting to bark.  Parents of children in Primary School, does this ever end?!



I'm off to hit the ground running with all kinds of work goodness today but before I do, I thought I'd share a few quick things that are new to the blog:

With the redesign of this site I wanted to make some space for promoting things that I care about or really love.  This has been happening in posts as I showcase some of my talented friends, people I admire etc but I've also added two noteworthy companies to my sidebar.  This blog is not my bread and butter so anything you see on the sidebar will really only be for things that I enjoy or feel connected to.

First up is Papermash is run by Lynne, who is also from NI.  She lives in London and Papermash is her online party/stationary supply shop.  It's my go-to when planning something special and I have loved the quality of the items that Lynne curates in her shop.  You can see some of the ways I've used bits and pieces of Papermash goodies here and here.

The second is Stephenson Personal Care.  After my post about making soaps for friends & family for Christmas, Stephenson's messaged to see if I would like to join their family of bloggers as a partner.  I love that they are a long-time run business, becoming experts in the field and I have had my fair share of exploring natural alternatives to shop-bought products for a while on this blog so we are teaming up in 2015 to experiment and I'm going to be making some products that will be ethical, affordable & easy for you to make too.  Check out their huge range of natural bases for soaps, lotions, shampoos etc.

Lastly, it has to be said - I just finished reading Tina Fey's 'Bossypants' last night AND I read Amy Poehlers book 'Yes Please' over the Christmas break (GO ME! I'm the worst book finisher ever) and they are both the winners of the award for 'books that have made me weep laughing'.  Speaking of awards, I hear they killed it again hosting the Golden Globes last night - twitter has been awash with some of their best gags, so I leave you with this from their girl-power opening monologue last night - my fav so far.