Christmas in Canada

What did Adam say on the 24th of December? IT'S CHRISTMAS, EVE!

Merry Happy Seasons Yule Christmas Eve Tidings to you all! It's hard to know what the most appropriate greeting is sometimes. Particularly when you are sleep deprived, and knee-deep in politically correct North America. Which I am both. Levi has had a cough/congestion since we arrived and even though he is sleeping pretty well since the jet-lag wore off, the 3 of us are sharing a room so Dave and I have been lying awake in bed at 2am listening to Levi snore like an overweight giant. It's impressively loud!  Travelling with a child is an endurance test.


We arrived in Canada on Wednesday last week; really really happy to be home for the holidays. It's been almost a week and we have had a lovely time catching up with family and friends, over-eating and marvelling at the amount of absolute rubbish that is on North American TV/radio. Give me the good old Beeb anyday.

We've been down to the States for a couple of days as a family to a little town called Frankenmuth (Bavarian town) that celebrates Christmas all year round. Like, ALL YEAR. They have the worlds largest Christmas shop (covering the size of 1.5 football fields - bonks). We stayed at a nearby water park hotel which was really fun, had donuts for breakfast and drank Blue Moon beer.

Levilevi in the lift pillow fightfamily frankenmuth lights in frankenmuth eating soupDSC_2524 DSC_2534Bronners is NUTS.  We walked over on Monday to show Levi all the cool lights and sights and lasted 20 minutes.  A mecca for Christmas fanatics, but not for me.  It is something to see, but it really did look like Christmas threw up in there.  Every last square inch of the place is covered in every kind of Christmas decoration, light, scene you can imagine.

DSC_2546Levi wanted to bring the baby Jesus some rock presents...DSC_2565DSC_2575Decorations for every theme you could imagine - downton abbey, sports lovers, dog lovers, S'MORES LOVERS??DSC_2579DSC_2582DSC_2551Zehnders, The hotel we stayed in was great - totally perfect for Levi.  So much thought put into it to entertain kids and keep parents happy too.  Check out the reception!DSC_2586 DSC_2599DSC_2610Levi has been so funny, really acting the ham since we got here (also sleep deprivation related, I imagine).  One night while I was lying with him to go to sleep at bedtime, I thought he was out only to hear him whisper "I made my family disappear...".

Do you think 3 is too young to watch Home Alone?!  It was really funny/creepy.DSC_2614DSC_2643DSC_2663Time to wrap this up and wrap some gifts.

Wishing you peace in your heart, hope that sustains you and love that spills out.

Merry Christmas from the Wiggies. xo