Christmas Wrap (with kids!)

I don't know about you but I'm generally a bit of a scrooge when it comes to elaborate gift wrapping.  Hours spent on decorations and bunting and garlands and spray painting pine cones that will be used every year - YES.  Hours spent on wrapping a present that will end up being ripped apart and demolished - DEFINITELY NO. Yet I am DRAWN to these beautifully wrapped gifts.  I pin them, I covet them because of the detail, the colours, the imagination.  Still I just can't get my head around the temporariness of it all.

I'm a 'brown paper packages tied up with strings' kinda gal - brown paper is my go to for just about every gift, so I decided to throw tradition to the wind and have a go at something else - with a little help from Levi.  Kids love to help, don't they?  They love to 'help' even when helping means about 45 mins extra work for the parent because of said helping.  Ah parenthood.


Lynne from the delightful online stationary store Papermash sent me some gorgeous little bits to inspire me.  Lynne is from NI, but living in London and we finally got to meet this summer after a few years of being online buddies.  If you have a party, a present to buy or make - Papermash is your spot.  I treat myself to something from it once in a while (HELLO RIFLE PAPER COMPANY!) and am always scouring it for fun and unusual party supplies.  Lynne also does a beautiful blog of different creative ideas using supplies from her shop.  It's fun and you should definitely check it out.

If you're looking for a little something you can involve your kids in when it comes to wrapping gifts for Christmas, this is the one.  It's simple, sweet, fun for the kids and really low maintenance:

One thing I always look out for at charity shops is rolls of wall paper, especially wallpaper liner.  I tend to have a few rolls of that up in the craft room for Levi to go nuts on with paint/crayons/glitter/glue/buttons while I work on something else.  It's good and thick as well, and makes for really good wrapping paper!

I rolled the liner out on the floor (with a plastic tablecloth underneath) and set out a little pot of metallic gold paint with a few lollipop sticks/wooden spoons and together Levi & I had goes flicking the paint all over the paper.  I didn't manage to get any pictures of that part of the process because, like all good mums, I was micro-managing the special craft time.  "NOT ON THE WALLS!"

We splatted the paint all over a big long sheet and left it to dry overnight.  Best to do a lot at once so you have plenty to use for different sized gifts.



DSC_2206Then we got to wrapping.  I love how subtly the gold shimmers when it dries.  It's all a bit abstract.  You could obviously do whatever colours you have - red & green for more traditionally festive wrap!  Heck, you could even splatter paint onto good old brown paper, or even textured wallpaper - endless options.

Add some hot pink washi tape to the back to secure for an extra bit of jazz.  How boring was the world of present wrapping and crafting before washi tape?  All of us just settling for clear or brown tape forever. Terrible.


WINNER!:Anchor Watches Giveaway WinnerDSC_2217Then for my favourite bit!  Who needs regular old jute string when you can have HOT PINK JUTE STRING!

DSC_2218This string is new to Papermash and is already proving really popular.

DSC_2225DSC_2219Tie in a little kraft gift tag when you're doing your bow and you're done!  Levi was well proud of his making - AND it's so easily (and cheaply) done that I don't mind if people rip it apart to open!



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