Flow Magazine

When we headed away for our anniversary we stopped in a little Irish village for lunch and popped into a book shop. My reading life has gone completely down the priority list since having a child.  I just can't get my act together.  I don't know what it is.  Maybe it's because my job is pretty heavy duty in terms of reading policy and heavy documents, or maybe it's because I'm tired (aren't we all?), or maybe it's because I am easily distracted and end up finding about a million other 'easy' things to read and try to convince myself that they count - like blogs and, er... the captions under pinterest (only joking).

I do miss it though.  I was always such a book worm through school - never the stuff I should have been reading, but I loved books.  I nailed every single babysitters club book in about 6 months back when I was 9.  That's a lot of pre-teen drama.  Sadly, I think I've managed to only complete all of 5 books since Levi has been born.  Bits and bobs of others, but fully - probably just 5.  Shameful.

Anyway, I rifled through the bookshop that day, knowing that I would have 24 hours of solitude and time to read uninterrupted so I started searching for Caitlin Moran's latest book (she seems to be just the right balance for me in my tired haze of just-enough-thought-provoking and just-enough-entertaining).  They didn't have it, so I browsed the magazine racks and sitting on the middle shelf, tucked behind some home-and-living-garden type mag was Flow.  In all it's glory, Flow.


I picked it up purely because it had a pretty cover (there's a saying about that) and had a flick through.  At first glance, and by having a quick nosy at the table of contents, it looked wonderful!  When I say it's a magazine, it's pretty much a book.  And I'm not just saying that to make myself feel better.  It is.  It's a bookzine.  A Magabook.  It also cost £9.99, which is more than I would usually spend on a mag, but I had a feeling it would be worth it.

And it was.  Flow describes itself as 'a magazine for paper lovers'.  THAT I am.  I have spent the last 3 weeks pouring over this magazine.  I have been going extra slow (even for me) because I wanted to savour each bit and not have it end.  From the thoughtful, unpretentious pieces, to the illustration, design, imaging, paper quality, EVERYTHING.  It's my new obsession.

Have a look at what I mean...:





Flow is a Dutch-born magazine that is now branching out more Internationally.  It really is the antithesis of lots of other magazines that claim to be lifestyle mags but really promote a jealousy -inducing, highly unattainable lifestyle.  Flow also has very little advertising or shopping pages, which makes my heart sing.  Each edition (4 times a year) also has a really special paper gift with it.  This edition was full of lots of little paper gift tags and perforated illustration pull-outs.  Such prettiness.



I particularly loved the articles about little free libraries (we would LOVE to do this at our house), on the beauty and power of cooking from scratch, and the feature on Ingrid Bergman.   Such variety of topics and high quality writing.  If you're not already convinced, I would strongly urge you to have a look in your nearest book shop for Flow and carve out an evening (or 3) to take in this gorgeous mag and see for yourself!

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=56_Wc_-tIlc?list=UU-yGWxyyTkRRYcX8sN4o7YA]