Exhaustion & Gratitude

I haven't had much motivation for blogging recently.  I'm really tired. It's like that round here - priorities are well...being prioritised.  For now it's work and family.  Sometimes those two are balanced badly, but I'm getting there.  Aren't we all.  I figured it wouldn't hurt to jot down some reflections over this busy time to keep perspective on all I have to be thankful for.

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October is a little bit of a blur already - I am fighting a cold and a hacking cough, working on a huge project for work that is kind of all-consuming and in the midst of that we bought our house, Levi started school, I had a birthday and we celebrated 7 years of marriage.  To mark all of those amazing things and have a little escape, Dave booked the two of us into our favourite getaway spot, The Farnham Estate in Cavan.  It couldn't have come at a better time and I am already thinking about what kind of special occasion I can crowbar another visit into (Halloween? Hanukah?).

Every little thing in those 24 blissful hours was, from beginning to end, perfection.  Our beautiful room (with anniversary & birthday cards from the hotel on our bed when we arrived!), the spa, the indoor/outdoor pool, the food, the complimentary champers and choccies.  So great.

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I picked up Flow Magazine in Monaghan on our drive down to Farnham and it is just the most beautiful, meaningful magazine.  I intend on doing a full blog post on it when I've finished devouring it.

When we got back from our night away, I received a package from my best friend in Canada.  It was a duo of mixed CD's and it is probably the best present I've gotten in a long long time.  I popped it into the CD player in the car when I was bringing Levi to school and was literally laughing at one song and crying at the next.  Music is so crazy powerful, huh?  The memories attached to the daftest songs, the transportation to times and places - such a magical thing.

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One of the things I am really grateful for over the last month or so is the opportunity to meet, in the flesh, a whole bunch of girls that I have been connecting with online for years.  I got to hang out with the beautiful Becca from Hugo & Ru (& her lovely husband Matt), amazingly bumped into Lynne from Papermash at Country Comes to Town when she was over visiting her mum, spend a good half hour gabbing about Gentle Parenting to the beautiful Diane and finally got to meet Sharon of Wee Frizz whose blog has long been a soul-filling favourite of mine.  I mean, the internet is amazing, right?

We also spent an awesome afternoon with Hollie, Jamie and Mila when they were over from Glasgow, talking about Scottish revolutions, music, parenting, ambition and dreams (check out their amazing new creative wellness venture Manaseven - so exciting!).  


Then last week I got to spend the guts of a day with the lovely Jenny and Jesse!  Jenny and I know each other through our blogs and some mutual friends and it felt so natural and easy to hang out, glug coffee and share our hearts.  If you want to be inspired by a family trying to intentionally build community in inner-city London, give Jenny's blog a big old read.


To be honest, it's been an emotionally exhausting couple of months round here - but I have everything to be thankful for.  Tomorrow we are having our annual (Canadian) Thanksgiving dinner with our closest friends.  We will light candles, eat turkey, mix the sweet and the savoury like only North Americans can do and be grateful together.  Bring it on.

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