On Your First Day of School

Dear Levi, Today you started School with your first day at Nursery. I remember this time last year thinking about how it would be your turn in a year and how that year has flown. You’re a sensitive wee boy, so I wasn’t surprised that last nights bedtime was challenging and that you ended up in our bed early this morning – your sense of excitement and fear were naturally running really close and fast around your tiny three year old body.

I looked over at you sleeping at 6:30am and you looked so small, nestled in between your dad and I. You have me to thank for being sensitive, I’ve been excited and fearful for you leading up to this day as well.

Last night I ironed little nametags into your school clothes and couldn’t believe we are here already. Now I am sitting at home in the quiet of our house having dropped you off. Daddy is at work and I am ignoring the pile of washing in the basement because I wanted to mark this day with my thoughts spilled out. I wonder what kind of mother this new stage of life will show me to be?Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset

We couldn’t think of a better Nursery for you to start your formal schooling in. It feels like family, and we can already tell that it is only going to add to the fun learning that you so naturally do at home with us. At one point, mummy and daddy considered keeping you at home to learn, but weighed up the options and realised that there are lots of fun things that you might like to know about that we don’t really know. I hope that you will love going to School and understand with your head and your heart how your new school is committed to respecting your rights and giving you space to explore just like at home. Everyone that loves you sees how bright you are, and they quickly will too.

We know it’s hard to adjust to a new place with all new faces, so take your time. It’s ok if you miss us.   It’s ok because we miss you too but we know that your teachers are kind and loving. I can’t wait to hear all about the things you are doing for these few hours each day. Maybe nursery will be the place you finally decide to drink milk?Photo 11-09-2014 09 34 45

Today when I brought you to School I felt so proud. You were so handsome in your (slightly big for you) tracksuit uniform. I watched you walk into the classroom and take stock. It’s ok to be cautious Levi – I admire that you’re a slow burner like your daddy. I know you were nervous (I was too), take your time and don’t feel rushed to be ‘settled’.

We hope you will get to know some of the other boys and girls. There are children from many different cultures and faiths in your class and I am so happy that you will get to learn about them and hopefully be part of helping them feel at home here in Northern Ireland. Lots of those children are here because their mummies and daddies know that School can give us great opportunities in life. We are so blessed to have found a school that understands education in the way that we do as a family. It won’t always be painting, playdough and sandboxes but I want you to know that we will always listen to how you feel about school.

I’m going to pick you up as soon as I finish this cup of tea (that I have miraculously drank whilst still hot and in one sitting). As we always say, be kind and have fun. I imagine you already are.

All my love,


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