Den Making & Discover Craigavon

A couple of weeks ago we went over to Lurgan Park to participate in a free Den Building workshop our local Council was putting on for kids & families.  

When the Council truck pulled up it was like the pied piper had arrived - kids and parents swarmed towards it and I was surprised to see such a good take up!  If I'm being honest, I often have low expectations for these kinds of things.  It sometimes feels like Council run activities don't really take off or have that much community pull but I'm glad we decided to go - maybe if more people took them up on the things they organised, they'd up the ante.  You gotta be in it to win it and all that.DSC_1566We took Levi and his cousins and they dove right in to activities (which admittedly were pretty simple - grab supplies, make a den, play in it, wreck it and make another one).DSC_1567 DSC_1569 DSC_1572 DSC_1584We gravitated to your basic tee-pee structure to begin with...I was very little help.  Call me in when you're ready to decorate the teepee with fairy lights and pom-pom garlands but structures ain't my thing.  

It was fun letting the kiddos use their imagination; deciding what went where, what materials would work best and how everything would fit together.  Squabbling was at a minimum and it was so lovely to see all the families working together and trying something new.Den DSC_1588Second structure attempt (after a satisfying demolition) was much more den-esque.  DSC_1608 DSC_1615 DSC_1621 DSC_1630Essentially there was over an hours entertainment in a couple of tarps, sheets, sticks and pegs.  That's pretty good going.  

I guess what it made me think about is how often I've fobbed off the free Council stuff going on in our area because it might be a little thrown together, but this changed that.  Not because it was slick or exciting (it was sticks and tarps), but because I think it's good to support your community, and I regularly talk about the importance of that.  Just another way for me to practice what I preach.  For those of you from round these parts, keep an eye on the Discover Craigavon website - they have some more fun stuff coming up for the rest of the Summer, including a Teddy Bears Picnic and family friendly entertainment in town centres at the weekend.  

Whether you're here or somewhere else, let's muck in where we are and show our local Council areas some love!