Blog Hippity Hop!

Last Monday the beautiful Kat from Kat Got The Cream nominated me to join a little blog hop - an opportunity for bloggers to share a little bit about themselves and pass the baton to some of their favourite bloggers to do the same.  It's so nice this little community of bloggers I've come to know.   Here goes:

1. What have been the doings/makings/scribblings at your desk this week?

Well - my desk at my job is full of lots of intense reading material.  During the day, I manage a project that educates people about human trafficking (locally & globally), so there are all kinds of reports on organised crime in Northern Ireland and policies about young people being sexually exploited littering my desk, beckoning me to be read and understood, but I've had some time off lately because my parents are visiting from Canada so I have been indulging in the extra hands on deck and some rare quality family time.  I did manage to upcycle a big dresser for my office that was formerly a pasty cream colour to bring some bright blue vibrancy!

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2. Where are you currently finding your inspiration? (Influences, heroes, sources of inspiration, paths exploring)?

My inspiration?  Sheesh, that's a big one.  It's different for different aspects of my life.  I am mostly inspired by creative, fearless people and especially people that make time for others.  When I hear about individuals that go out of their way to be kind, I am inspired to be more kind. When I see someone take a leap to start a new venture that makes them thrive, I want to push myself to be more courageous.  When I see a parent showing compassion to their child in a difficult circumstance, I am inspired to be more compassionate.  When I hear about people enduring terrible injustice across the world, I am inspired to stand up for them.  Pinterest and blogs are great - but it's real peoples stories that energise me.  

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3. How important is being creative to you, and how do you blend this with your work / life / family balance?

Being creative is part of who I am.  I love that in my job (Freedom Acts) I have the liberty to be creative with something really meaningful in a societal way - helping direct the design and structure of resources and tools that will help people connect and respond to big world issues - I LOVE THAT.  I used to mentally struggle with the balance of life/family/creativity but actually, it all seems to blend together more now (maybe I just didn't recognise that it was before).  From making our house a home, to physically making something with Levi, to taking instagram pictures of our everyday, to finding treasures in charity shops, to the things I wear, to how we try and communicate a message through Freedom Acts, it's all going to have an element of creativity in it because that's who I am.  I am realising more and more that I don't need to spend hours up in my craft room each week (I wish) to live a full and creative life.  I already am.

It's so great to be able to promote other bloggers that you admire and respect so here two of my favs I'd like you to get to know:

Lauren Dare (The Dare Project

Lauren is a fellow blogger from here on the Emerald Isle.  She is an American married to an Englishman making her way in Dublin with her two adorable little boys.  I love her honest, fresh take on family life and her crafty projects.  I feel a little kindred with Lauren as a former North-American resident and hope we get to meet up in real life soon!  

Next up is Clare Nicolson (Full Time Fiesta)

I first came across Clare when I went on a search to find some fun prints for our bedroom and (thankfully) stumbled across her shop.  Clare is an artist, designer and interior stylist and has recently started blogging again and I am in love with all her creative projects.  Clare has the best eye for colour and her blog really showcases that - especially when you get a sneak peek into her colourful, creative home.  

Please do check these wonderful gals out - I can't wait for their own blog hop posts as the baton is passed on!