Fresh Finds Friday

Happy Friday to you and yours! I'm back with some favourites from the internet in this weeks...


It's been a while since I've posted some links that have inspired or challenged here's a bit of a mixed bag for you to peruse this beautiful day!

-  Lego recently announced that they are to come out with a new female scientists line of figures (yay for equality!).  They then proceeded to release a series of daft gender stereotyped figures like 'Lego Pretzel Girl (seriously)' 'Diner Waitress' and a 'Grandma' (so whoops, just kidding on that equality thing...).  Meanwhile, the male figures being released at the same time are the burly 'Mountain Climber', 'Island Warrior' and 'Constable'.  Seriously though - lego has to be the most gender neutral kind of toy - why stereotype it so strangely?!  Read all about it here.  

Lego Grandma figurine

-  I have a post sitting in my drafts on parenting solidarity that I have been rumbling over in my mind this last few months.  I'll be sharing a bit about Gentle Parenting and the journey we have been on as we learn more about how this kind of parenting ethos has shaped us and challenged us as a family.  For a little insight and an intro to what Gentle Parenting is all about, have a read at this from the great new Gentle Parenting website.

-  This article on how one man is using his skills coupled with stuff he finds in the dumpsters to build clean, safe shelter for homeless people in Oakland is pretty incredible.  Have a look at some of his amazing creations.  It's not a sure fix for a mammoth issue as complex as homelessness but it does provide people living on the streets with some dignity and something to call their own.

-  Some creative pals in Canada have launched their own slick lifestyle brand - Province of Canada.  Describing it they say  'To us, Canada is about luxury and quality as much as it is casual and cozy. It’s about the beach and lake life as much as it is the city. It’s about classic as much as it is cool.'  I am digging this sweater a whole lot.



-  Finally - this video on Upworthy was a Commencement Speech given at a school in the US.  It's sharp and clever and simple.  The power of deciding how to view the mundaneness of adulthood - such an important life lesson to grab hold of early on.  Have a watch.  Be inspired.

This weekend we are going for a family bike ride (check out my instagram for a peep at my new (to me) bike!), going to see a gig and celebrating at a family Christening. My lovely mum and auntie arrive from Canada on Tuesday so I expect I'll have to sneak in some time for my annual 'mum-approved' house clean in anticipation!

Have a great weekend sun-lovers!