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The journey continues on the... wearyourwardrobe

We're over halfway through lent now and the novelty has worn off just a bit. I am finding myself bored with my clothes quite a lot.  I'm also not just averse to clothes shopping, but going into shops at all - what's the point?.... HAVE I FORGOTTEN HOW TO SHOP????

Probably not. (I have a nice little list of vintage/second-hand items on my eBay watch list)

I'm going to attempt to make a top. I want a new top. I have fabric and a sewing machine. I will make a top.  That's not cheating is it?

We're going on a family holiday to visit family in Italy in 2 weeks and I feel like I should be buying summer clothes.  I'm not gonna.

It seems like the challenge is constantly on my mind - I'm questioning everything, I'm thinking about people, faces, stories, families working to make my stuff.  I am more determined than ever to champion ethical clothing and speak out about the unfair practices and exploitation happening to people around the world.

Anyway - Some stuff online I have come across lately that has inspired/challenged me:

These 3 guys got rid of all their clothes (gave them to homeless, to charity & programmes for ex-offenders that need suitable interview attire to gain employment) and decided to rebuild their wardrobe (clothing) making sure that every single piece was make fairly.  I love seeing guys get involved in this stuff - fashion isn't a female issue.  We all gotta wear clothes!  Check out their story here & help them out with the next step on their journey by filling in this quick survey here:   


Secondly, I read this article profiling incidents in Cambodia LAST WEEK where over 200 garment workers for sports brands such as Adidas & Puma were hospitalised for fainting because of tainted food, poor working conditions and the spraying of insecticide within the factory.  Devastating and unacceptable.


Finally, I came across the trailer for this documentary called 'The True Cost'  that looks set to be released in the Summer after reaching it's Kickstarter goal.  REALLY worth a watch.



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