Fresh Finds Friday // 9 - The LESS Edition

Well good morning/good afternoon/good evening! 20140117-001421

Back with some great links for you today. All of the stuff I am posting about below have been really challenging to me this week.  They have also been confirming to me some of the ethos I am trying to get to grips with in the #wearyourwardrobe challenge.






Some of the questions I've been dancing with:

How can we move backwards in our dominant more-more-more culture to be content, fulfilled and even ENJOY having less?

Where are the areas in my own life that I indulge unnecessarily?

What is behind our desire to have/aquire/gain?

Do I really believe that what I own does not define my value as a person? (If I do believe that, does my life reflect that?)

What can I give away/do without/simplify?


These 3 great FFF links below all relate to the neccessary brow-beating I've been doing this week - I would more than love to hear what you think about all of this.


- First up is this beautiful story of a guy who was so fed up with everyone around him measuring their happiness by the size of their house that he decided to simplify and build a tiny home.  He says:  “Inhabiting such a small space will force me to live in a simpler, more organized and efficient way.”  The pictures are incredible.  I wonder if we would be able to live in this kind of a space without killing each other?  Alek, the guy behind the house has a GREAT website explaining the reasoning behind his passion for tiny houses called 'The Tiny Project' and it has the amazing tagline of:  'Less House, More Life'.  Love it.




-  Next up is this article in The Guardian about this awesome 'borrowing shop' initiative in Berlin.  I genuinely think this is the simplest, greatest thing.  I guess it's one of those no-brainers, that we should share more.  But with so many people more disconnected with their neighbours and communities than ever, the traditions and normality of borrowing from next door is becoming less and less.  I love the idea of a community library of stuff.  Or maybe we should just all get to know our neighbours.  Either way, it encourages the idea of having less and sharing more.  I am into it.


-  Finally, Streetbank is a website version of the above.  It lets you see what your neighbours will lend to you, give away or the skills they will share.  It's location based and shows you what's available within a mile of your front door.  Sounds like a supped up awesome version of  the 'Freebies' section on Gumtree!  The brilliance of this is that you physically get to meet your neighbours when you go to pick up something that you need.  I love that it gives you that little helping hand to get to know the people you live around.  Founder, Sam Stephens says: 'Community is going to be our route out of the environmental crisis.  We want to create a sharing habit in people around the World'.  Watch all about it below.

Anyone up for setting one up in your corner of NI?!!  What are your thoughts on having less, sharing more?