Fresh Finds // WYW Edition

It's not Friday, you say.  How can you post the all the fresh finds on a Saturday when it doesn't begin with an 'F', you say?  I have had a sick child all week, that's how.  I had every intention of being a consistent blogger with the #wearyourwardrobe challenge, but between work, Levi having a bad cough & sore ear, sleeplessness, endless washing, and sanity-keeping visits with friends - blogging slipped down the priority list.  And that's OK.  It don't pay the bills. It's been so cool to be sent loads of links, videos and articles from friends near and far that get what this challenge is all about.  So this fine Spring (calling it) afternoon I am gonna share some of those!


-  The Good Shopping Guide ranks High Street Fashion Shops based on a holistic criteria.  It differs only slightly from the Ethical Consumer rankings on which High Street clothing shops are most ethical.  If you MUST buy new things, please do check these guides out and know who deserves your hard earned dosh.

-  I had the pleasure of meeting Carolyn Kitto when I went to Rio with Stop The Traffik in November.  Carolyn is the energy and pioneer behind the 'Make Fashion Traffik-Free' Campaign targeting the Sumangili Scheme that I am hoping to raise awareness about during this challenge.  Carolyn is Australian and recently gave a BOLDTalk (similar to TED) in Oz about her time in India, meeting the women recovered from the Sumangili Scheme.  Carolyn shares the stage with Suzanne Kim who is a documentary maker that also went to India and is working with STT to document and expose the scheme.  PLEASE watch this for some first-hand insight into what they heard and saw, including more details about how the campaign will roll out.


-  It's important to remember that even with all the bad press surrounding the garment industry in Asia, there are still good companies out there working hard to give sustainable livelihoods to the workers in these countries.  This Guardian article highlights one company in particular and the great things they are doing.  They call it 'Slow Fashion'.  I like it.

-  Shannon Whitehead writes a brilliant article here with '4 Things To Remember Every Time You Shop For Clothes'.

I'm being beckoned to the back garden so I'm off.  Have a GREAT weekend - don't forget to have a green beer on Monday!