Fresh Finds Friday // 8

Friday already again!  


This week I have a hearty selection of ideas/videos/articles for you...

-  I posted this video to facebook a while back and I've blogged about The Representation Project before but really REALLY loving their work around challenging societies damaging gender narratives.  My favourite quote from the video clip below is: "We need to redefine strength in men not as the power over other people but as forces for justice"

I would encourage you as part of marking International Womens Day to observe the way our culture narrates the way men and women should behave and see what you can do to challenge it.


-  I downloaded Donald Miller's Storyline Productivity Schedule based on his Storyline Book that helps people to plan their life in a meaningful way.  I've heard amazing things about the productivity schedule (I'm always a bit reluctant to glorify productivity but I know that Don's heart would always be for relationships over doing things) and plan on getting stuck into using it this week.

-  We have been going through a real defining time as parents (another one of a zillion times I will think this).  Parenting an almost 3 year old is exhausting work for sure, but following gentle parenting methods and keeping connection and empathy as our primary foundation on how we respond to sometimes challenging situations feels natural and honest for us.  Lucy wrote a really great post about how attachment/gentle parenting of a toddler looks different to doing that with a baby.  It's really helpful for anyone wanting to understand it more.

-  Just slipping this in as a reminder, but I'm doing a #wearyourwardrobe (official hashtag for all of you that are joining me!) challenge for Lent.  No new or second-hand clothes for 40 days and mindfulness/education/awareness about the harmful impact of the fashion industry on the lives of garment workers and the environment.  It's not too late to join!  Read my post about it here.  

-  Last but not least - please tell me you saw the video going around of John Travolta messing up Idina Menzels name when he introduced her at the Oscars last weekend?  I honestly thought I might never stop laughing at it.  It's the way he was so confident and familiar about her in the lead up to butchering her funny.  Well NOW, some genius has made a Travoltify Generator so you can see what he would call YOU if he butchered your name.  I'm Melissa Wailson.

Rest is on my agenda for this weekend.  Have a good one friends xo