It is a FACT that jean shopping is my ultimate, worst, most hated shopping task ever. The profuse sweating from all the on/offing, the hauling pairs in and out, the having to take your shoes off in every damn changing room, the socks coming off and getting lost in the jeans EVERY TIME, the choices, the full on depth of low self-esteem you hit when nothing looks right. It. Is. Hell.

All that just to find a pair of jeans that can pack in a muffin top, don't cut off your circulation around your thighs when you cross your legs and don't get baggy around the knees after 2 wears (honestly, I have better things to do with my time than worry about baggy jean knees). I carried a child inside my own body - I'm ok with not being able to wear low rise, paint-on jeans anymore.  It's just really hard to find anything that ticks all these boxes.

I was reluctant to even post this blog but after 2 weeks in these jeans I am confident that I'm onto a winner. No signs of knees bagging, muffin top tucked in and I feel really good about them.

I found myself with a rare Saturday morning to myself and took myself to M&S, because apparently I'm 57 years old.  I generally go there for the food (Oh the food)  but this day I had a good old meander around the clothes and actually found some really on-trend, reasonably priced clothes that fit well and are good quality.

Being someone who rarely buys anything new, with a watchful eye on which high-street shops are making progress with ethical policies, I felt OK about giving my money to M&S (check out PLAN A - their goal to be the most sustainable major retailer by 2015).  Jeans are hard enough to buy new (review above reasons), never mind trying to find a decent fitting pair in a charity shop - thus my reasoning for splurging a little this time.

So for all you ladies wanting to try a pair of jeans that will keep your sanity and fashionista cred in tact, I give you the M&S jeans I've been wearing non-stop.


Above:  Super Skinny Perfect Shape Jegging in Grey - £25

These jeans.  THESE JEANS. I'm not a fan of the jegging, but since they have a button AND a zip, I would just call them jeans with some stretch. They are so comfy for all the movement involved in hanging out with a toddler and I really love the grey colour I bought them in.


Above:  Skinny Fit Ripped Denim Jeans in Indigo - £35

These are the perfect blue jean, and I love the subtle rips for a bit of an edge.

What a relief to have come out of the M&S closet.  Anyone else tried their jeans?  Any other non-teenager body friendly brands I should be checking out?

*Dudes, this is not even nearly a sponsored post, but if M&S are listening - I'm up for you sending me some free jeans*