Fresh Finds Friday // 7

Diving right in with some very special.... 20140117-001421


-  I met Ben over a year ago through work and am really excited by the work his company Root & Branch Organic is doing.  They have 3 core principles:  Community - Earth - Wellbeing and seek to grow the green economy, build community and create a sustainable path towards education and wellbeing.  They have their own brand of fairtrade ground coffee, run edible education workshops and partner with some of the most loved organic farms in Northern Ireland to cater for events and weddings.  Well worth a look if you're into sustainability and local produce.  Check them out on facebook here.



-  I've been following the twitter account @toddlercalm for a while now and found their links, perspective and advice really helpful and resonating with me as we try and work through the fun and challenge of parenting a toddler.  I've just downloaded the book behind the website and twitter account and after only a few chapters have found it a relief.  It's not a recipe book to help you cook up the perfect toddler, but really explains and provokes parents to parent from a gentle place.  I'll definitely review it when I've finished (which at my current book-reading rate will likely be when Levi is ready to move out of the house).  You can get the book here.  



-  Kanken backpacks are the dogs nik-naks.  They are.  I got one for work over a year ago (hey! I have a lot of supplies and...stuff to bring places) and it has been hauled about, dragged around the world and hasn't got one scratch or tear on it.  More and more I'm of the mind that you get what you pay for and even though these babies will set you back £50, I reckon it's well worth it for the quality and will end up lasting years.  There's a whole range of sizes and colours you can check out here.



-  Finally...Sara Bareilles' newest album 'The Blessed Unrest' is on repeat in my life right now.  I love her.  Such a great voice, deep lyrics and catchy tunnnnes.  'I Choose You' is a one of my favourite tracks from this record and even more so now that my friend just asked me to sing it at her upcoming wedding.  Waahhhhh.  Do yourself a favour and crank the volume for this one as you sail into the weekend.