DIY Valentines Banner

20140213-202527.jpg Oh lovely people - I do hope you forgive me for forgoing the usual Fresh Friday Finds for this DIY post today.  It felt only right to show you how easy and sweet (and kid friendly) these little banners of love are to make.

We aren't the mushy hallmark type and I'm more than OK with having a marathon catch up and a bottle of wine with a good friend on Valentines night while Dave's at work. During the day, Levi and I will probably make some heart shortbread for the neighbours and deliver it like last year.  I like to think that Valentines day can be about showing extra love to lots of different people in your life - not just your romantic partner.  This little DIY can be made for any occasion and for anyone you want to show a little bit of love to.

What you'll need:

-  2 colours of felt

-  scissors & pencil

-  wooden skewer/stick

-  hot glue gun (or any other felt-friendly glue)

-  string

-  confetti

-  tape


-  Roughly draw & cut yourself a banner background out of the felt.

-  With complimenting colour, draw and cut out what you want to say on the banner.

-  Cut your skewer to the size of the top of the banner, leaving around a cm or two on either side.

-  Roll and glue the fabric at the top of your banner around the skewer to secure.

-  Place and glue your letters onto the banner.

-  Cut length of string or ribbon to your liking and tie it on to each end of the skewer.


For that extra bit of pizazz I piled some confetti into the middle of the banner, rolled it up and secured it with some tape so that it opens with a little surprise!


Have a LOVE-ly weekend lovers xo