Fresh Finds Friday // 4

It's Frriiiiiiiiday!  Buckle up, I've got some corkers for you this week! 20140117-001421.jpg


-  6 years ago, Johnny Benjamin was about to take his own life on Waterloo Bridge when a stranger stopped him and talked him down. He launched a campaign to try and find the man that saved his life earlier this year and guess what, by the power of the internet - HE DID!  Watch the video of their reunion here.  Powerful stuff.

-  Hands up if you love pinterest?!! *hand up high like the teachers pet* - sure, it's a BAG of fun and I can testify to many hours spent not just pinning but experimenting with loads of brilliant recipes, outfits & craft inspriation - BUT - the temptation to feel overwhelmed, inadequate and not quite 'enough' by the pinterest (and blogging) world is strong.  This article and subsquent 'Real Parent' pinterest board is so funny and refreshing for those of us that know that pinterest perfection is just not attainable.  This pin in particular made me laugh really hard:


-  A 27 year old mother in Wales posted a Gumtree ad offering free home-cooked meals on a Monday to anyone in the local area that was struggling to feed their family.  She has had incredible feedback from so many people offering to pitch in and help her out, including top chefs.  You can read about it here.  With over 1 million people in the UK using foodbanks to survive, sometimes it only takes one person to do something different to create a community of change.  I really flipping love this story.


-  I stumbled upon Oh My Clumsy Heart jewelry a couple of weeks ago and love the simple, edgy designs that Sophie creates.  So swoony - I'm struggling to pick just one thing...


-  My pal Ben owns and runs his own design company Angel & Anchor and is a mega talented bloke.  I LOVED this post about the watercolour hand lettering work he did for a local NI band.  Check out Ben's other work here.


-  Speaking of the ridiculousness of pinterest....  I stumbled across the cutest/most random idea for a kids party.  Temporary Tattoo Parlour!



Photo & idea source here.

-  I've been loving mucking about with 2 new design/photo apps lately that I thought I'd share.  One is Rhonna Design & the other is MAKR.  Both really versatile for creating fun and graphically pretty images/stationary/personal touch.

My sister-in-law is moving house this weekend (exciting!) so we'll be joining in the chaos of that!  Have a great weekend folks!