Best Salad Ever

It wouldn't be fair for me to prettily punctuate this post with a crowbarred story about salad when in fact, this is an unashamed, full on love-fest for the salad I made this week.  



It's a throw it all in affair - quantities are really up to you.  Who am I to tell you how much bacon you should have?  Have as much as you like!  There should be a law to protect those rights.

Anyway, here's the dream combo:

-  Baby spinach (torn up into socially acceptable pieces - my least favourite thing about salads is the large green bits that are surprisingly big and make you look like a hog when you eat in public)

-  Cherry or plum tomatoes halved (or whole - you crazy thing, you)

-  Feta cheese crumbled in

-  Half a pomegranate sprinkled over (getting those little red jewels out of the pom is a pain in the ass, but totally worth it)

-  Crispy grilled bacon on top (maple cured in this house for the Canadian touch)

This is all topped off by a zingy dressing made from (taste test your quantities for each):

- Olive oil

- Wholegrain mustard

- Squeezy honey

-  Apple cider vinegar




Pomegranates in everything are my latest obsession.  Off to pin some recipes while the boy wonder has a nap!

Bon Appetit lovers!