Fresh Finds Friday // 3

Welcome back!  Another post of delights to slide you right into the weekend! 20140117-001421.jpg


-  Gemma loves Dan.  They are getting married in October and she is raging against the bride-machine and trying to have a more earth and people friendly wedding - calling out the BS of the wedding industry.  She blogged her journey so far with sourcing ethical wedding dresses, food and favours here and here.

-  I love Hattie (Free our Kids) - the end of December saw her complete ONE WHOLE YEAR of not buying things for her kid.  The wording of that makes her sound mean, but after having her first child and the horror of reports saying how much it costs to raise a human these days, it was an experiment in consuming less and enjoying more.  Read the bit she wrote about it at the beginning of her journey in The Telegraph here and 8 months in here.  She's now got another girl-bambino in tow and is keeping up her blog and reflecting on the permanent changes she's made over the last year.  Also check out this vid of Hattie explaining what she's been up to and why.  Such a challenging, inspiring read.  And she's so funny.

-  This week 'Benefits Street' (a Channel 4 TV programme following the lives of people on James Turner Street in Birmingham - a street with a high population of people on welfare) hit the headlines as people and community groups working closely within that community stood up for the way that Channel 4 was portraying life there.  I used to work for the organisation Oasis UK in London, and they now run a school on the street.  Last week, Oasis founder Steve Chalke called a community meeting to let residents speak for themselves about how they are being portrayed by Channel 4 and after it he said:  "The community is angry, but my point is this leaves it with a terrible legacy – unless there is an apology from Channel 4 there will be no other story ... the kids and mums we work with believe they are the worst place in Britain. It is not representative." I'm proud of Oasis for giving a proper (not an edited) voice to this community when the TV industry seeks to exploit and generalise. You can read all about this here.  


-  Northern Irish photography company Navyblur did a round up of their photography highlights from 2013 and it is jaw-droppingly, heart-achingly beautiful.  Check it out here.  Well done guys!

-  In the spirit of all the local things, I wanted to give a big shout out to the very talented Andi Mac (of Pale Blue Dot), who has had creative control over the project I coordinate (Freedom Acts) since it's inception.  Andi puts up with my jumbled up email requests and goes above and beyond to source ethical products for us and find new and interesting ways to promote our work.  Working with Andi has made the boring stuff of my job really exciting with his design skills (hello newsletters and stationary!).  Here are some snaps of our branding design and you can check out the animations on human trafficking he put together for us here.




-  The talented Laura from Cardboard Cities has such great style and has just relaunched her online shop -  it is the cutest.  Loving the donut stickers and brooches!

-  After seeing this recipe on pinterest, I only went and made a COOKIE PIZZA.  And ate at least 60% of it.  In one night.  Oh my yumness.


That's a wrap!

I finally got myself booked in for a facial on Saturday morning using vouchers from my birthday (in October) and on Sunday we're off to celebrate a family Christening so I'm looking forward to a fun weekend.

Have a stonking good one, folks! x