Fresh Finds Friday // 2

Continuing on from last week - here's the next installment of all the interesting/fun/pretty things I'm digging this week: 20140117-001421.jpg


-  Michael Gove (Education Secretary) wants to turn our kids into zombie robots that comply, obey and are as dull as dishwater. Peter Gray wrote a compelling piece for The Independent on how wrong Gove is getting it and how important 'play' is for the development of our children and their creative instincts - read it here.

-  I read this article by Lisa Hassan Scott on Lucy's blog this week about Mindful Parenting and was like 'GUILTY AS CHARGED'. Sometimes my days feel like a constant hamster wheel of responding to needs and wants, occupying time with things to do, tidying up, problem solving and not always a lot of mindful, in the moment, meaningful engagement with this beautiful rascal of mine. More of this moving forward.

-  My friend Abbey is a Strengths Coach living in the US but was home over Christmas and suggested that Dave and I do the Gallup Strengths Finder online assessment to give us some insight into how we work and how to capitalise on our strengths - it's a really accurate, practical tool with realistic tips worth checking out.  I'm looking forward to some skype time with Abbey to hear what her thoughts are on my results.  Out of interest, my top 3 strengths were Activator, Communication and Connectedness.


-  My amazing brother and sister-in-law got me a subscription to Mollie Makes for Christmas. I reckon magazine subscriptions is one of the best presents you can give as it quite literally is the gift that keeps on giving! Mollie Makes is full of beautiful crafts, tutorials, interviews with stylish makers and lots of creative, inspiring content. Check out the website here - MM also has loads of affiliate magazines and online resources to subscribe or browse.


-  Our landlords just gave our basement playroom a bit of a re-do because of a toilet leak so I've been looking at some fun light DIYs to jazz up some plain old fairy lights for the space and THESE caught my eye!


You can see the full tutorial for them here.

I'm also loving this festival/globe light DIY with ping long balls as well!


-  I'm not a trainer girl. The most appropriate athletic footwear I own  is a pair of converse, but these Onitsuka Tigers are amazing.  The perfect amount of retro cool.


-  Finally, these lovely desktop savers are free for download from I'm Breanna Rose and have cheered up my work and home computer screens this week.


We have zero weekend plans which makes me so happy - lots of staying in our dressing gowns until lunch time.

Over and out amigos!