6 Favourite Non-Toxic Beauty Products

I'm a sucker for beauty products. A total sucker. You might remember that a couple of years ago my friend told me about the book Gorgeously Green and it changed the way I spent my money on products and how I treated my body.

A year or so on from the realisations that chemicals were being absorbed into my skin and damaging the environment and I have spent a lot of time researching and finding more ethical/eco products. I've been on a quest to find some of the best and most affordable earth & body friendly beauty products.

I also discovered that you can make a whole bunch of non-toxic products like toothpaste, liquid handsoap, face oil and deodorant - check out my post on that here.

The reality is that there are just some things that you can't make well yourself.  Like shampoo (sorry no poo friends, I literally have tried everything), or make up, so I thought I'd do a round up of my favourite non-toxic beauty products that I have bought, can highly reccomend and use daily.


favourite products_edited-1

1.  Dr. Bronner's Pure Castille Soap is a bit of a favourite of mine for LOADS of reasons.  I didn't even know you could buy it in bar form (I had always used the liquid soap for making different household products) until I happened upon them in the TK MAXX sale before Christmas.  I bought all 6 available bars - sorry shoppers! They have loads of different scents, are completely natural and also fairtrade - a great bonus.  I use this as a body wash and the citrus one smells amazing.  It's got a zing for a fresh morning wake up.

2.  Temple Spa has become my favourite skin-care range and is paraben free and full of great smelling natural ingredients.  My skin is really sensitive so I have found it hard to find products that don't leave me irritated and dry.  My favourites from their range are the Be Gone Cleanser and the Toning Essence (which is alcohol-free and smells like you are spritzing a salad on your face, in a really good way - it has tomato in it's ingredients!).  It's not as cheap as rubbing a baby wipe over your face, but I'm pretty hardcore about being good to my skin and they are reasonably priced for the quality.  These products last AGES and really feel like a treat.

3.  Jane Iredale Glow Time BB Cream.  Oh my luxury make up.  I have to confess, had it not been for a massive discount on this make up from a friend of a friend, I probably wouldn't have bought it but LET ME TELL YOU.  This is BY FAR the best foundation I've ever used.  You need the tiniest amount for amazing coverage and totally flawless finish.  I've always been a foundation followed by cover-up kinda gal, but there has been no need with this.  I guess that's what this whole BB thing is all about, right?  Jane Iredale products are non-toxic and mineral based - she's kind of the mineral make up guru/founder/goddess.  I don't think I can go back to anything else after this tube is done.

4.  My scalp is a mess.  I haven't had a normal, non-irritated scalp in about, oh, my whole life (it seems).  My friend put me on to Moo Goo, and their milk based products and their shampoo has settled things down and smells really soft and fresh.  I also have tried their scalp cream which is great for irritations.  The bottles are really big so you are definitely getting your pennies worth.

5.  Yes To Carrots Body Lotion is the loveliest, freshest smelling, lightweight body lotion I've ever tried.  They are a US based company so I often have to stock up when I'm over in North America, but I think certain Debenhams have concessions that sell their stuff.  They have a massive array of organic and natural products for everyone in the home, including a gorgeous kids range.  I hate having to wait around for body lotions to soak in so this one is perfect for the girl on the go and is really inexpensive.

6.  I'm partial to a creme blush and Laura Mercier's is a stay putter in a really lovely range of colours (I like pinky/peachy tones).  I had one that lasted me 6 months last year (even though Levi poked his finger into it - wait...does that make it still non-toxic?...) and is well worth paying a little bit extra for the assurance of paraben & sulphate free ingredients.


I'd LOVE to hear of any of your top non-toxic beauty buys - any other reccomendations?