Fresh Finds Friday

Happy Weekend folks!

I can smell and taste again! HURRAY!  After a couple of weeks of battling a nasty sinus infection/flu-like things, I am finally feeling a bit more human.  

I want to get a little more organised with this here blog of mine, posting more regularly and having more regular themes to post around.  One of the things I want to do is do a round up of really cool/pretty/fun/challenging things that I've come across and share it - so today is the first of those.



-  Hannah (Seeds & Stitches) hung a big-ass branch in her kitchen and painted/yarn-wrapped the crap out of it - check out how she dressed it up for the festive season here.  This girl knows how to work colour.  Such a fun & simple idea.  

-  Jordan (Oh Happy Day) blogged some tips on making a great salad.  Stick with me (pun intended) - I'm only interested in a salad if it has non-typical salad ingredients in it, so I was drooling over some of her suggestions here - especially since I feel like my body needs poured out and refilled with non-sugared/MSG'd/processed stuff after Christmas.

-  Jen (Jen Loves Kev) made her cute little family some DIY screen-printed clothes.  GEEEEEZ.  I'm not sure Dave would sport a jumper with our names on it but I love the idea, the font she used and the overall look of the garments.  Check it out here.



-  Lucy (Lulastic) posted a really great blog about the importance of not forcing our kids to give affection here.  It promotes such crucial thinking around kids having the deserved respect to chose when they want to give or receive affection and have body autonomy (just like regular grown-up humans).

-  Sarah (Sarah Bessey) wrote the most beautiful piece on how important and beautiful it is to take stock of the 'village' involved in raising your children here.  We can't and shouldn't do this parenting stuff alone.  

-  This article with 15 of the most unbelievably sexist contemporary advertisements was pretty...unbelievable.  *GROAAAAN & EYEROLL*




-  I recently bought a proper coffee maker and (thanks to the powers of twitter and some professional coffee connoisseur tweeters) ordered some Has Bean coffee for it.  I had a lengthy chat with the owner of the company via twitter about how they source ethically and the issues they are grappling with around direct and fair trade in the coffee industry (read more about their perspective here).  It was refreshing to have such honesty and I feel really assured by Has Beans approach. 


-  I actually won *WON* one of those RT competitions on twitter, guys.  My friend Pete had been banging on about this new Donut company in Belfast that makes the most amazing donuts, so I followed them on twitter, RT'd and won a dozen! I figured, even though the three of us in our little Wiggy tribe could tackle a box of 12 on our own with no real issues, I'd have them delivered to our No More Traffik board meeting on Wednesday morning and share the love.  Yeesh.  Those babies are a dream.  If you're local, get on board the Doughzy Donuts train!

That's it from me for the week - have a fab weekend!