Homemade Baby Wash

I'm gonna be straight up with you from the beginning.  We aren't the 'bath every night for the baby' kind of family you might expect us to be (maybe you don't expect us to be that - maybe you think we are total mingers?  In that case, let this post surprise you somewhat). Image

When we do get Levi in the tub for a big scrub down, I like him to be squeaky deaky clean.  I want that wash to last the next 2 (sometimes 3) days 'til his next bath and I want that bathtime to wear him out from splashing around so much that he sleeps incredibly well and actually looks forward to bath time in a few years instead of hating it.  That being said, I'm getting the feeling that as we emerge ourselves more in this whole toddlerhood stage, it's going to be harder to get away with the 3 baths a week thing so I've been thinking about how we could save a bit of mula and keep things as natural as possible as we up our water and product useage.

We have been big fans of a few different non-toxic, organic baby washes in the last 2 years (e.g. Burt's Bees Baby, Nature Babycare ECO Wash) but after a recent twitter convo with Hannah about how sneaky and misleading these 'all natural, organic' products in the supermarkets are and how they can get away with using those terms even if they have as little as 5% organic ingredients (if you don't believe me check out THIS post), and I thought STUFF THIS - surely it's easy enough to make my own?  When I have this kind of notion my next step process goes a little like this:

- Go on pinterest

- Search using the ingredients I already have in the house

- Crowbar a recipe out of any other post that looks like it has similar ingredients

- Have a bash and hope for the best

So, based on this post I spied, here's my version of a gentle, moisturising baby wash you can make REALLY easily that will save you loads.


I got my Dr. Bronners castille soap randomly on sale in TK MAXX but you can get everything you need either from Holland & Barrett or online from Summer Naturals.

Here's what you'll need for a 200 ml bottle:

-  1/4 Cup of Castille Soap

-  1 TBS Sweet Almond Oil (original recipe called for 2 but I found it a bit too oily - especially on Levi's fine hair)

-  1 TBS Vitamin E Oil

-  10 drops of Lavender Essential Oil (lavender is supposed to be very calming...every little helps eh?!)

Pour it all in to your bottle (we used our last empty Burts Bees one) and then fill the rest of the bottle up with lukewarm water (slowly, it will suds up a little!).

I am not clever enough to know how to work out how much you save but you do - you definitely do.

SUDS UP PEEPS!  Happy scubbing!