The Incomplete Activist

I just happened to stumble upon this video below on twitter this morning and it resonated with me loads.

Activists are often misunderstood - taken for angry troublemakers, always banging on about something - but, as this video shows, activism can be more subtle than that.  It starts with passion for something.  We all have that.

It also highlighted the frustrations of activists - the feeling of unsettledness with the world as it is, and sometimes more frustratingly, the unsettledness within yourself.  It affirms the imperfections within good intentions.  


The activist looks for errors and mistakes and works to point out the hypocrisy of the established world.  But sooner or later the activist must also turn this gaze upon themselves - within them, inside them.  There's a conversation, an argument between their ideas of who they are and who they feel they should be. Activists often have very high standards and a belief that the stakes for failure are catastrophic.  The internal argument can become violently self-destructive.  There isn't an easy answer.  But to admit the weakness doesn't make you weak.  Focus on those gifts and passions.  Don't ever forget to laugh - even in the most serious situations.  Care deeply about the world and about the future but don't forget to care about yourself.  Aesthetics; humour; love.  Continue making a difference, no matter how small it seems. 

It's reassuring that these are common struggles, eh?  When your decisions don't always match your ideals, it's OK to keep going.  
Activists are important people in our world - don't wait until you're perfect to be one.  Find a cause - point out injustice and figure out how you can make that situation, and yourself a little better.