The Perfect Transition Shoes

I don't know if these shoes warrant an entire blog post but I'm doing it anyway.  Indulge me, will you?


It was 4.05pm and I had just dropped Levi off at the football match with his dad and Granda.  I quickly nipped into town to have a peruse in one of my favourite charity shops.  I overheard the shop assistant say she was going to close up early so I did a quick scan of the shop and clocked these babies.  Never worn, brandy brown Lotus t-bar shoes.  I tried them on and they were a little big.  Never one to be put off by a sizing issue, I paid my £4 for them and went on my way.  

In this modern, online-shopping era - I had to think twice about where I was going to find a proper shoe shop that would help me get something to slip in them to make them fit better but thankfully there is a tiny little family run traditional shoe shop on our high street that I popped into. 

I am so grateful for family run traditional shoe shops.

I happily spent 15 minutes talking to the owner about the shoes - he was well impressed by them.  Leather soles (rare these days), leather upper and probably retailing at about £60 if sold new.  He was able to tell me they had definitely never been worn and fixed me up with insoles and a heel support.  We talked about the importance of quality shoes and how young people (who are mainly buying shoes cheaper and of less quality these days) could end up with back problems in later life.  He polished the shoes up for me, charged me £3 and sent me on my way.

It was genuinely really nice to have someone take the time to talk to me about their trade, about the changing scene of the high street and independent shops. It confirmed to me once again how great it is to invest in local businesses.  I wouldn't have had that kind of service or knowledge at a chain shop or online.  

To boot (pun cringingly intended), there are few things more satisfying to me than finding something I've been looking for in a charity shop for a fraction of the price it would be new.  Especially when the price comes with such great quality.  I'd noticed this style of shoe in the shops and LOVED them so you could say I feel smug about it all.  

I like to think of these as the perfect transition shoe.  As the weather changes from Summer to Autumn I imagine I'll be wearing these babies both barefoot with jeans and with tights and dresses as the temperature starts to decline.