Sorting, Making & Linking

I'm slowing getting my craft room together at the minute - it's a quiet space in our attic conversion.  Lots of room, exposed brick, a big beam (which I hit my head on REALLY hard today but shall soon be adorned by every bit of bunting I own as I'm not allowed to hang any more round the house), a skylight and a nice set of built in shelves for keeping order of my stash of random crafty bits. 

Until the last week or so it has mainly been a dumping ground for all my Magpie stuff, my sewing machine and table thrown in and a whole heap of other unorganised supplies.


Yes, that is my maternity pillow lying on the floor.  It has no home. Dave thought this room was the best fit.

I've managed to sort through all my fabric, ruthlessly binning all those teeny tiny scraps of random cuttings that will never amount to anything (I promise they are TINY bits, I'm no waster).


As it's an attic room, our landlords provided an emergency ladder and rope in case of a fire (how thoughtful.  And morbid).  It now holds all my smaller fabric bits so if a fire breaks out, it's going to be real handy for me to stuff my precious liberty fabric down my top before dashing out the 3rd floor window. 


The table is an old formica one from Hope Charity Shop that I painted yellow with some Annie Sloan paint as I just couldn't hold off waiting around to find a proper yellow one some day. 

Levi loves coming up to the attic rooms and I managed to keep him occupied for an hour up there today with only a jar of oversized buttons, a few clothespegs and a tin of paperclips.  I got most things put in their rightful place and made a start on decorating that big charcoal wall with some washi tape lettering.  That washi stuff is just too easy

I have big plans for this room.  I even felt my sewing mojo return this week as I have some curtains for the living room that I need to adapt with a hook and eye tape but my good intentions have been thwarted by the realisation that somewhere in the middle of moving I have misplaced my Singer power cord and pedal.  WAAAHHHHH.  It's REALLY annoying to not be able to find something.  Especially when you KNOW you packed it. 

I am believing that much like the lost coin, sheep and son the power and pedal cords shall return to me and the fatted calf will be brought out in it's honour.  Either that or I will just get on with making some more stuff.

Speaking of making stuff - here are some fun DIY ideas I can't wait to try out:

*  Upcycling a stretchy skirt into baby leggings for Levi...

*  A super easy peasy no-sew roman blind for the bathroom...

*  We bought this tea towel ages ago to turn into a hanging pendant for the kitchen. 

Are you making anything these days?


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