The Yin & Yang of Thrift

So Thrifty Thursday has come and gone and here we are on Good Friday.  I think it’s the first TT that I’ve missed since we began to paddle what has now become this tidal wave of thrifty goodness…

As much as I am trying to be a good consumer, taking stock of my choices and purchases, sometimes a weak spot emerges and I thought it best to be honest…

I bought some high street clobber this week.  I did.  There - it’s out there.

After my glamorous ‘baby hitting his head off the tampon bin in a charity shop changing room/toilet’ fiasco, I ended up frantically scouring the sale racks in the shopping centre for something to wear to our friends wedding on Wednesday (which was LUSH, might I add…I love a good wedding).  I managed to nab this dress* for £12 in the River Island sale…

*please excuse the gratuitous posey self-pic…I was sending some shoe option ideas to a friend via text…these shoe boots were the winners.

It had that old sixties appeal that pulls me in every time…

THEN - I bought these…

I spotted (har har har) these in Primark for £15 a few weeks ago and hadn’t been able to stop thinking about them.  Pathetic, I know, but they are SO cute.  So, I went back under the old pretense of ‘if they are still there in my size, I will get them’.  And much to my equal delight and slight shame, there were two left on the rail, and only one in my size.  So I simultaneously thanked the fashion gods, and asked forgiveness of the ethical gods and scooped those navy spotted jeans right up.  I really do love them.

On the other hand, I finally got around to making a couple of pillows for Levi’s cot.  He is a serious shuffler in bed, always banging about and slamming himself up against the rails, so I wanted to make a bit of a buffer for him…I used scraps of fabric, including an old dress that had a big stubborn, ugly oil stain on it and made these!

I got a bit sew-happy and forgot to take step by step pictures for you, but the general gist is: 

1) cut out a card template of the cloud shape you like, making sure to keep a flat edge at the bottom.

2) roughly draw the shape on two bits of fabric, leaving about an inch excess around the template on the back side of your material (pencil is best).

3) cut out both shapes.

4) pin them back to back, keeping the back of the material on the outside.

5) sew them together all the way around following your pencil marking (I used my machine, but you could easily handstitch), remembering to leave a couple of inches gap open for stuffing.

6) carefully pull the whole thing right side out through the little gap you have left.

7) stuff it nice and full through the little gap, making sure to put the filler in all the little cloud crevases (I ripped open and used an old ikea cushion’s stuffing that hadn’t yet found a cover).

8) sew your little opening up and you’re done!

I am planning on making a few more, and might add some sewn tassles to the edges to tie on to the cot rails to secure them in place for maximum banging about mute-age.

I think the plight of being a more ethical consumer is bound to hit some peaks and trofts along the road…it’s not the easy choice all the time in our culture.  I’m trying not to beat myself up about these things too much, it would be really easy to do so, especially when I’m quite public about my attempts! I’m so aware that people are watching…(not in a big-headed way obvs, people just seem baffled that I make my own toothpaste).

What do you find is your achilles heel in trying to live more ethically?  I’d love to know…

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