Thrifty Thursdays - Make Do & Mend

I challenged the fabulous Thrifty Thursday crew to use this weeks post to showcase an item or two in their wardrobes that they have had the longest and STILL get loads of wear out of. 

I love it when I have had something in my closet for ages and can wear it loads of different ways and through different trends and seasons.  Such satisfaction.  One of the reasons I wanted to post this is because I’ve been pretty challenged by the fast-fashion industry.  A £3 off the shoulder top here, a £7 pair of brightly coloured jeans there…let’s be honest it’s really hard to pass up those deals, but I reckon there’s a bigger issue lurking behind those slashed prices and quick fixes. 

I could bang on about how by buying these cheap fixes we are encouraging the exploitation of underpaid, uncared for third world factory workers; I could harp on at you about the financial pressure we all feel and how these small prices scam us into thinking we are saving money when really we are spending more on tosh than proper quality clothes that will last, but I will save those for another rant. 

I guess my overriding challenge for myself lately has been NEED.  Do I really need this ‘stuff’.  Do I actually NEED to spend my money on more white vest tops (they are REALLY handy, but more than 5 in your drawer is pretty stupid).  I’ve been examining my motives when I’m browsing shops, even charity shops.  You know I love them charity shops, but I’ve even found myself talking myself (that’s a lot of selves) out of some of those purchases lately too. 

I really REALLY don’t want to live under the pressure of having to have a new item of clothing to parade in.  I want to be comfortable enough in my own skin to enjoy the stuff I have and really only buy the clothes that I need or that aren’t going to fall apart on me in a couple of weeks/months (or hours usually when I buy anything from Primark). 

Anyway, a few items have stood the test of time and become staples in my closet.  Here are just two:


I used to live above a Salvation Army Charity Shop in London and picked this baby up there in 2005 for £2.  It USED to be pleated and much longer, but somewhere between allowing Dave to do the washing and my ironing embargo it has lost a bit of pleating and a bit of length.  I still wear the crap out of it though.  With a fancy top, wooly jumper, hoodie and converse (todays attire), or barelegged and a vest top, it’s hard to go wrong so I’ve kept it.

The other item would have to be this pleated dress (I love pleats - they keep coming back in style, if they ever were even out?):

I got it at H&M for a tenner back in 2006 just before I moved back to Northern Ireland.  In fact, I wore it to my leaving London drinks the night before I left….

I’ve since worn it on it’s own, with tights and cardies, with jeans.  It’s kind of my perfect frock and it’s not going anywhere!

So there you have it see.  I bet there are plenty of gems hiding in your wardrobe just waiting patiently to be worn again in a new way - have a rummage!

If you want to join us on Thrifty Thursday today, please do! We would love to see your fb posts/tweets/blogs and instagrams of any clothes that you have had for ages and still wear…

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