Ethical Jeans - Stylish & Affordable

One of my biggest dilemmas about living ethically is fashion.  

In ‘normal’ life, I try to make good choices about what I buy.  Our house has loads of up-cycled furniture, charity shop finds and handmade goods.  We try to champion our good old Northern Irish farmers by eating local produce, we buy fair-trade when we can and if we can help it, we borrow & make do and mend.

At the minute, I am 8 months preggo and having refused to buy maternity clothes (I’m in denial), my ‘style’ has been limited to leggings, jeans done up with hair elastics, long tops and dresses.  SIGGGHHHH.

The one area of life that I find it difficult to be ethical in is fashion.  Sure, I buy charity shop clothes from time to time, making sure that the big boys don’t get all my money and that my clothes aren’t always the same as everybody elses, And sure, there are lots of places offering fairly traded clothes, but most of the affordable pieces I’ve come across of the straw poncho variety, and don’t lend themselves to being stylish.  

Most people’s complaints are about the price of ethical clothing - and while I do understand that - I also understand that for the people that are making those clothes to get a FAIR wage, it needs to cost more than your average high street shop clothes.

You will be glad to know, I’ve recently come across a lovely little company that seems to have been able to merge both style & ethics (while keeping it affordable - SCORE!).  

Enter MONKEE GENES!  I first heard of them from a cute little blog I follow called ‘Seeds & Stitches’, who have just recently purchased a pair and wrote a post about them too!  

From the MG website, you can see that there are all kinds of styles (skinny, flare, chino), colours and sizes for yourself (men & women’s), as well as a very trendy kiddies line available!  Most of the jeans retail at about £60 which is probably about average for a decent pair of jeans these days! They also have a GREAT sale section - but limited sizes in there so you gotta be quick!

Here’s a few of my favs…I intend on making a purchase when I pop out this kid and no longer have to do my jeans up with a hair elastic.

Cute huh?  Anyone know of any other good ethical clothing lines that I’m missing out on?

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