Assembly Sessions are an opportunity to dig deeper and explore both the practical and the soulful side of living courageously as women.

Sessions equip women to be clear and courageous in their lives, providing a safe space to learn, reflect and talk through their ideas. 

There is not a process of life that we go through - whether starting a blog, a new side project, a different job or even raising a family where we haven't needed or desired the advice, support and cheering on of other women.  We aren't made to work in silos, slogging it out on our own. We are made for community - to be around women who can help us bring our bravest selves to the table by listening, helping and sharing.  


If you are aching to develop and grow your courage muscles, Assembly Sessions are for you. In these sessions we will cover a host of topics that aim to give you the inner and outer tools to live the life you are longing for. We’ll talk about facing your fears, finding your voice and how to develop courage and clarity on your path.

Assembly Sessions run several times a year, are stripped back to create focus but have the same beautiful Assembly identity of food and gathering in beautiful spaces. These are not business networks or formal forums - these are safe spaces for soulful women to show up, dig deep and bring out the best in each other.