The Assembly Members Community is for women in Ireland who want to be part of a safe, supportive, empowering network of creative women. 

Assembly Members Community is not a formal business network, but a soulful connection point for women who desire to learn, gather, reflect and grow together. 

Our creativity needs midwifery. There is not a creative process that we go through - whether it is launching a blog, a project, taking up a new skill, an online course, a business or any other idea that wouldn't benefit from the advice, support and cheering on of other women. I think a lot of us realise we need this. We aren't made to work in silos, slogging it out on our own. We are made for creativity in community - to be around women who can help us birth our ideas by listening, advising, helping and sharing.  

This is what the Assembly Members Community is all about. Taking our place at the table, making space for others and walking the path together.

So let me tell you what the Assembly Member Community looks like; what it involves...



+  48 hour first access for Assembly Gathering & Session Tickets PLUS 10% discount.

+  twice a year members-only hangouts! Somewhere special, just for us. 

+  Exclusive Facebook Group for discussion & networking with live online workshops & Q & A sessions from guest experts each month. 

We have an awesome line up of women scheduled for this from here in NI and across the UK. NEXT UP WE HAVE:

  • SEPTEMBER - Hannah Bullivant (Stylist & Blogger) - creative living, anxiety and mental health.

+  Online access to notes from all Assembly Sessions.

+  Opportunity to participate in an annual Assembly MEMBERS project where we will be supporting and empowering women in need locally and globally.

Membership costs £15 a month for a minimum committment of three months. 


+ You want to be part of a community of women who support, encourage and grow together.

+ You need accountability and inspiration to bring your creative ideas to life.

+ You desire an outlet for honing your craft and learning new skills.

+ You want to be part of a non-competitive, generous group of women who are cheering you on.

+ You need a judgement-free zone to build on your ideas and find accountability.

+ You want to find a way to use your abilities to help other women and create lasting change.

+ You want to have a creative girl-gang around you who 'get it' and can call out the best in you.





We welcome women from all ages, backgrounds and abilities. Assembly is inclusive - whether you are in a traditionally creative profession, dabble on the side or you are aching to reignite that part of your life again. This is the place for you!

We believe that women supporting women is powerful and important. We are already leaders, innovators, thinkers and doers in our homes, workplaces and communities. When we come together, amazing things happen - for us and for others.