The Assembly Members Community is for women in Ireland who want to be part of a safe, supportive, empowering network of creative women. 

Assembly Members Community is not a formal business network, but a soulful connection point for women who desire to learn, gather, reflect and grow together. 

Our creativity needs midwifery. There is not a creative process that we go through - whether it is launching a blog, a project, taking up a new skill, an online course, a business or any other idea that wouldn't benefit from the advice, support and cheering on of other women. I think a lot of us realise we need this. We aren't made to work in silos, slogging it out on our own. We are made for creativity in community - to be around women who can help us birth our ideas by listening, advising, helping and sharing.  

This is what the Assembly Members Community is all about. Taking our place at the table, making space for others and walking the path together.

So let me tell you what the Assembly Member Community looks like; what it involves...



+  48 hour first access for Assembly Gathering & Session Tickets PLUS 10% discount.

+  twice a year members-only hangouts! Somewhere special, just for us. 

+  Exclusive Facebook Group for discussion & networking with live online workshops & Q & A sessions from guest experts each month. 

We have an awesome line up of women scheduled from here in NI and across the UK. PREVIOUS GUESTS HAVE INCLUDED:

  • APRIL – Rebekah Johanson (Lines & Current, Accessories Business Owner) – building a soulful brand online.

  • MAY – Aly Harte  (Artist & Educator) – being a maker & marketing your product based business.

  • JUNE– Emma Martin (Amble & Ash/Little Wood Life, Blogger & Influencer) – lifting the curtain on blogging & working with brands online.

  • JULY – Kayte Ferris (Creative Coach) – taking your creative idea seriously - moving into action.

  • AUGUST - Ray Dodd (Coach/Mentor) - being visible and taking up space online.

  • SEPTEMBER - Hannah Bullivant (Stylist & Blogger) - creative living, anxiety and mental health.

  • OCTOBER - Lucy Lucraft (Writer, Podcaster) - getting your work seen & having a multi-offering creative life.

+  notes from all Assembly Sessions.

+  Opportunity to participate in an annual Assembly MEMBERS project where we will be supporting and empowering women in need locally and globally.

COST: Membership costs £15 a month for a minimum commitment of three months. 


I wanted to be part of a supportive network of women for inspiration and advice. Since I joined the Assembly Members Community I feel more confident to go forward with my ideas. It’s a wonderful, non-judgemental supportive community.
— Vicki, Photographer & Blogger
Joining Assembly Members was an investment in myself - giving myself a chance and not spending more years wondering ‘what if?’ It has been really welcoming, supportive and encouraging and since joining I have done more actual writing, set up a blog and instagram for my writing and most importantly I feel more connected to myself creatively. It’s been a GREAT investment.
— Helena, Writer
Since joining the members community I think I’ve seen that there are more people who are ‘like me’ than I realised! I just hadn’t been coming into contact with them before! If you want to feel inspired and commit time to focus on your creative side then do it straight away!
— Nicola, Designer
I struggle with motivation at the best of times but when I surround myself with like-minded people I somehow feel charged and ready to take action on the ideas that have been lying dormant for months. Joining the Members Community has given me a sense of accountability that prevents me from hiding behind my 9-5 job and stepping in to the creative life I have wanted to lead for so long. I no longer stress about social media and what’s expected of me and instead put my energy in to content that I will be proud of down the line. I feel more in control of my own path which is pretty liberating! Award yourself with the opportunity to wrangle all those little dreams and hopes and make them happen. Be prepared to be inspired, to learn and to grow in to a version of yourself that you’ve been waiting for!
— Alex, Writer & Photographer
Being part of the Members Community has pushed me to step out and talk to new people and to talk more about my interested and opinions. It is a great support network. It’s great to feel like you are a part of something so special and it’s worth stepping out of a place that is comfortable into a new space with supportive women.
— Ruth, Photographer & Writer


+ You want to be part of a community of women who support, encourage and grow together.

+ You need accountability and inspiration to bring your creative ideas to life.

+ You desire an outlet for honing your craft and learning new skills.

+ You want to be part of a non-competitive, generous group of women who are cheering you on.

+ You need a judgement-free zone to build on your ideas and find accountability.

+ You want to find a way to use your abilities to help other women and create lasting change.

+ You want to have a creative girl-gang around you who 'get it' and can call out the best in you.


I joined because I wanted to move forward with my dreams and I know I would get lots of support and inspiration. I value community and the format of the group is useful all round. So much has changed for me since joining. I’ve started my blog and gained so much self-belief and clarity.
— Siobhan, Writer & Crafter
Being part of the Members Community has helped me to feel like I still have something to contribute. I found the transition to motherhood a bit of a struggle at first but being part of a group of creative women reminds me that my creativity is still valid even though I’m looking after a tiny human. The community is and always has been super inclusive and the content is engaging and helpful. There’s a group of diversely creative women waiting to inspire and encourage you to be your best creative self!
— Lorna, Photographer
I signed up because I knew that being part of a creative community would help me feel more confident in sharing what I do. To be honest, as soon as I saw it I didn’t really think too much - I just knew I wanted in! I’m much more confident in myself. I’ve always had lots of ideas, and now they are becoming realities but I’m not afraid to own them. I’m more confident that they have a place.
— Sarah, Yoga Instructor & Artist


We welcome women from all ages, backgrounds and abilities. Assembly is inclusive - whether you are in a traditionally creative profession, dabble on the side or you are aching to reignite that part of your life again. This is the place for you!

We believe that women supporting women is powerful and important. We are already leaders, innovators, thinkers and doers in our homes, workplaces and communities. When we come together, amazing things happen - for us and for others. 


This year we partnered with Christian Aid Ireland to support their ‘Breaking the Barriers’ campaign to increase rural women’s jobs and income in the sustainable energy sector across Africa and Latin America. The support raised by the campaign will be used to improve working and living conditions, promote gender equality, and strengthen women’s social status in these developing areas .

Through fundraising efforts including a Clothes Swap and a skydive event, Assembly Members have raised over £2500 for the campaign. Match funding from the European Union means that our total raised will be multiplied by five, bringing our grand total of support raised to £12,500!

We are so proud of this aspect of Assembly and to be able to stand with other women around the world and support them into sustainable, empowering, life-giving employment!

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