Assembly is a community for creative women in Northern Ireland; a space to connect with others and enjoy the simple pleasures of food, making as well as exploring our creative paths together through beautiful Gatherings, soulful Sessions and a supportive engaged Members Community.


Assembly is open to anyone who desires to engage with others in creative community - not just those in traditional creative professions. We believe creativity is not just reserved for some, but is in all of us. 

Initiated in 2016 to create space for women in the North (and South) of Ireland in creative industries, Assembly has hosted over 200 women in connecting to their creativity.


I just love being able to do something ‘different’! Getting away from my normal social circumstance and being thrown into a different mix, geographically and community wise. Assembly is freeing and well thought through.
The best thing about Assembly is the people. The warm welcome from hosts and the community feel from all attendees. It seems to attract like-minded people who are happy to connect. The workshops are well varied and the set up is absolutely beautiful. I always love that there is an element of connecting with nature. Assembly is a soul-replenishing haven.
Assembly is girl-powered creativity!