My name is Mel and I live with my husband Dave (who works for a sustainable transport charity) and our two children (son Levi and daughter Ada) in beautiful, complicated Northern Ireland and feel lucky to do so. 

In this space you'll read about parenting, creativity and ethical living. You'll also see that I create resources for people who want to keep it simple or learn more about ethical living. 

In 2016 I began Assembly Gatherings - seasonal events connecting creative women in Northern Ireland. I also work part-time coordinating a local community project called 'Freedom Acts', where we work to prevent people being exploited or trafficked.

To me, 'thoughtful living for down to earth people' is all about pursuing the good in the world with honesty; trying to live ethically without being detached from the reality of modern life. That is what you will see woven throughout the pages of this blog and website.


Some of my other loves include proper coffee, heated discussions (in person, not on facebook), good photography, standing ovations, charity shopping, feeding people, being outside, crying at adverts, open fires, quality design, ethical fashion, people who don’t know that they’re funny, pointless stationary, generosity and exploring new places.


I have been writing and blogging for many years, with my work being published on various websites, blogs and magazines.  I have also produced several professional resources and training guides that are used widely within the UK charity sector.

If you would like me to write for your magazine, website or to guest-post on your blog please get in touch so we can chat more about what you need on hello@melwiggins.com.


I sometimes collaborate with brands/companies that I feel compliment or are tuned into the things that I know to be important.  I do extensive research to ensure that any brand/company that I work with is transparent in their ethics and also aligns with my values. I will always make it clear in my posts when I've collaborated with a brand/company; only doing so because I really believe in what they offer and think you will too - seriously.

If you are a brand or company that would like to work together, please do get in touch on hello@melwiggins.com