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I hope that by reading it, printing it and finding somewhere special for it in your home or work you will be reminded about the true essence of influence. I hope that you will see something of yourself in this and be inspired to harness your own influence for good.

Right now, our world both on and offline would have us believe that great influence lies in numbers, followers, glamour and gain. It perpetuates the idea that in order to have influence, women must look a certain way, have certain possessions and break their neck to be seen and heard.

I’d like to reassure you, amazing woman, that great influence is not reliant on any of these things, but that you - YES YOU - are already influential. I believe that we can call each other to a more significant, sustainable way of exploring what influence means for women today.

I’m so glad that you are here - that these words resonate with you in some way and I hope to spend some time with you, figuring out how we can bring our everyday, unfiltered selves to the table to do something wonderful in the world.